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Deuterated solvents are used primarily in NMR-spectroscopy. Chemie Uetikon AG produces all generally used deuterated solvents in various deuterium concentrations itself.


On request Chemie Uetikon AG also produces other deuterated compounds, especially deuterium gas. Sales of these products are direct. Please contact



Elmar JungoMr. Elmar Jungo


Chemie Uetikon AG

Seestrasse 108

CH 8707 Uetikon am See

phone +41 44 922 92 46

jungo.elmar [info] uetikon [dot] ch


Chemie Uetikon AG Seestrasse 108 CH-8707 Uetikon Phone +41 44 922 91 11 Fax +41 44 922 93 87 info [info] uetikon [dot] ch

a wholly owned subsidiary of cph